What Our Clients Say

We love CCDC and feel so good about our son being there. We never worry about him as we know that he is in excellent hands, and that he is having a blast.

The teachers are so caring in a warm, supportive, and relaxed manner, and they handle any day to day behaviors or conflicts in an effective and positive way. They provide structure as well as plenty of room for independent discovery and free choice with a lot of music, reading and fun activities and crafts.

We love that the students / kids are called “the friends,” and feel it sets the tone and environment in a respectful and fun way. CCDC is such a positive place and the kids are encouraged to be themselves, while learning and developing together. We love the teachers and staff, as well as the other parents and families, and could not be more happy with the center. And most importantly, our son loves it there! He talks about the teachers and staff frequently, with a smile on his face.
— Darcy Baker
My child attended Covesville Child Development Center and I am happy to share the great experience she had. She is in the fourth grade now and still talks about the center.

Sometimes she wishes she could return to the center! “ I love Covesville.” That is what we hear although she loves going to school now. I know her experience at Covesville is the reason she is successful in elementary school.
She was well prepared for kindergarten in all skills. Reading above level and does well in all her classes.

As a parent, knowing the staff at Covesville are knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and provide activities that led to a successful school experience for my child, is the reason I want to share my family’s experience at Covesville.

We loved our experience!
— David R.